I help innovators become iconic.

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You know you’re different. Your vision is bigger than most. Your off-switch is hard to find. You’re dead serious about dominating your market. You are already redefining the status quo. I understand. Because I’m wired that way, too.

I’m Kate Byars, founder of Blazers…a marketing consultancy designed for trailblazing companies, innovative niche brands, and those who think differently from the pack. I created the Iconic Brand Method…a system that transforms trailblazing companies into iconic brands. The impact is crazy huge…you get highly loyal and engaged customers, huge market share, and wild, sustainable growth. And with the Iconic Brand Method business becomes fun again!



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A solid road map is key to compounding growth for any innovative company. We help you prioritize and focus energy and resources on a common goal; and show you how to communicate that plan so everyone is on board.


Marketing is the fuel that accelerates growth and puts trailblazing brands into hyper speed. We help inculcate marketing as a touchstone within your organization so you will build great strategies, but also know how to filter strategic intent through execution.


How the market perceives your brand is essential to sustainable success. We’ll help you develop salient messaging that resonates with your customers and makes your brand stand out from the pack.


Iconic brands nurture strong, engaging relationships with their customers. We help you transform your customer relationship into a powerhouse of wildly loyal fans who repeatedly buy, eagerly recommend, and become a megaphone for your brand.


An organization’s culture begins with its founders. When culture is purposefully crafted it creates a powerful, unified voice. We’ll help you craft your vision and instill your company’s mission and values throughout the team, which creates amazing efficiency and spirited growth.


The best trailblazing companies are built by teams, not individuals. We provide mentorship and take an active interest in the day-to-day business as you juggle multiple hats. We leverage our network of experts and provide high-level thought leadership to help your leadership team evolve.

 ——- WHO I SERVE ——-


I help innovative brands do more of that, leave an original footprint and a never-forgotten legacy. I help you redefine your world.



Working alongside company leadership teams we develop the strategic road map necessary to become a high-growth brand. Our focus is to instill the marketing discipline and processes necessary to transform marketing into highly strategic actions that are measurable and executed with excellence. We create strong brand awareness and even stronger brand allegiance – turning innovative companies into iconic brands with remarkable return on investment.


Scaled for smaller businesses, this program is designed to help independent businesses and start-ups get noticed in a busy marketplace, build a pipeline of eager customers, and enjoy a vibrant, sustainable business making a difference in whatever industry you exist. Together, we create the branding, messaging, marketing funnel, and resource automation that builds awareness and engagement with your ideal customers.

I interviewed several agencies and consultants before hiring Kate. She was the only candidate who spoke to us about strategy and building a smart plan. We didn’t need more radio ads or brochures. We needed a big picture thinker who could push us farther down the road. – Allison Ables, Founder

As a manufacturer in a fast-growing technology sector, we needed someone who could help us build our brand, yet be flexible in an ever-changing environment. Kate gets it done. She’s brings original thinking and deep experience, and has become the marketing touchstone for our team. – John Perry, CEO

Kate is a brilliant business and marketing strategist with an impressive skill set. Her upbeat, can-do approach is encouraging and positive. She revitalized everything I was doing, which translated into increased giving for my non-profit. I find her absolutely indispensable. – Julie Richardson, President

Kate steered us away from immediate execution & got us thinking about our unique voice and how to make a mark in a crowded industry. With Kate’s help, we’ve rebranded our company, defined our point of difference, and built new channels for communicating with our audience. – Jerry Black, P.G., Director of Business Development

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